Best CBD Marketing Companies

Jesse Grillo

Jesse GrilloAs the legalization of medical and/or recreational marijuana use continues to expand around the country, CBD sellers are establishing businesses with a need for a customer base. While the base doubtlessly exists. Not everyone is actively engaged in finding these businesses. And a need for a marketing effort with a specific concentration in CBD marketing is called for.

There is still a lot of stigma on marijuana and cannabis products, some of which have remained pervasive in social media about marketing marijuana products, so for a business trying to promote its existence and acquire new customers, certain challenging aspects need to be overcome. In order to achieve this, a business will need some promotional help from marketing agencies that specialize in CBD marketing and understands the particular nuances of such a market and the environment in which they need to promote it. Luckily, there are several great options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Boundless Labs
Having been featured in Esquire, CNBC, Merry Jane Magazine, and Inverse, Boundless Labs launched its CBD marketing agency at the start of 2019. They have learned through experience to carry a brand idea to a sustainable, revenue-generating business in the CBD industry. This is achieved in large part thanks to their strategic partnerships with celebrities and strategic influencers. Boundless Labs have experience with dealing with social media restrictions and know legal, legitimate ways around the built-in limitations. They are therefore able to market CBD products much in the same way they marketed non-CBD products with other partners first.

They spend an average of $10,000 daily on advertisements but provide anywhere from double to 5 times the return for their clients. Judging by their high google ranking, the firm is an expert at SEO, so they will have the necessary skills to boost your search engine rankings. Additionally, 25-35% of the total revenue driven by the agency is from email marketing, making it one of their specialties. Boundless Labs also believes in working with micro and large relevant industry influencers on Instagram, as well as conducting affiliate and PR marketing. Boundless Labs already works with CBD brands of all sizes and has built its own brand because they understand the challenges faced by CBD businesses and are prepared to help them handle it through establishing a plan based on short term and long term growth.

Elevated Internet Marketing
With over 15 years of experience in heavily regulated markets. Including insurance, healthcare, and finance, Elevated has now expanded its marketing strategies into the world of CBD and hemp. They believe that a thriving business in a fluid but rapidly expanding industry needs to position itself in a powerful top rank and recognition through the use of SEO, PPC, Email, and other types of marketing channels.

TCBD Marketinghey recognize that a solid SEO ranking qualifies a company for better recognition online and a wider reach for a CBD business. They recognize the management of websites in a tightly regulated market place. Analyzing which conditions are more conducive to more solid business growth. Elevated has sought out and found methods outside of the traditional and currently unavailable (for CBD) media sources beyond Facebook and Google.

They also focus on email marketing, recognizing that for a business in a tightly regulated industry, it is a lifeline by which a company can stay in 1-to-1 contact with its primary target consumers. They also know that a CBD company needs to stand out from the competition in a rapidly growing environment, and one of the key distinguishing factors is a clean, user-friendly, CBD-market relevant website. Elevated will study and understand the CBD production order to help a business develop their own unique website style.

The competition in the CBD cannabis market is only going to increase as the rapidly growing industry continues to expand. Sherpa recognizes that in order to stand out among the competition. A business needs to establish its own brand, strengthen awareness of it, and optimize. Moreso, they believe that a website can build trust with the customer by not only making it fun to learn about CBD products but to offer the ability to purchase them through CBD specific e-commerce stores. For sellers, websites provide an opportunity to scale sales up by promotion of new products or even new marketplaces. Sherpa frames their view of CBD websites to that of building a house. The theory goes that your website is your house and their team of specialists is the construction crew.

Jesse GrilloSEO is the basis and the set of core pillars of your house that keep it functional. Much like the things that operate in your home that you rarely think about while they are working. But notice as giant hassles when they are not (such as the structural support, plumbing, and electrical). The website design component holds the same function as the external appearance of a house. It must be visually pleasing, inviting, and accessible to visitors. Ther CBD website designers understand how customers use the websites. And therefore create websites with a UX that appeals to customers straight away.

Promoting appeal, and building trust from the first visit.The use of Woo-commerce stores is the final component. Woo-commerce allows for the restriction of available products and sales to be made to particular regions. And to integrate various forms of payments specific to the sale of CBD products. Not forcing a website to be reliant upon PayPal or other payment mediums that have anti-CBD sale policies

Forge Digital Marketing
The Forge Digital Marketing agency combines social media presence with influencer marketing. To help establish and build brands through the use of email marketing and influencer engagement. With the highly regulated nature of the CBD industry, Forge recognizes the power of trust behind making the purchases. That’s why they leverage the voices of new industry influencers to promote clients’ brands through social media platforms. Including Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook.

The social media marketing approach is a fantastic method of building a CBD business and Forge’s social media marketing team will create engaging, unique content with packages including graphic design, animation, photography, video, and community management to promote your CBD brand and excite a customer base into making purchases, thereby increasing sales and helping your business thrive. Forge’s 5 step branding approach includes ultimately designing many promotional aspects for your business including CBD company merchandise, business cards, logo designs, social media graphics, and packaging and labels for CBD products. Forge also incorporates the design of e-commerce marketplaces. To help expose the availability of your products to a wider audience interested in your CBD brand.

CBD MarketingJesse Grillo Marketing
Marketing is a highly effective tool that is all about intimately knowing your customer. Jesse Grillo Marketing understands this principle so they focus their efforts on collecting all the data about their customers. Including keywords they use in their searches, buying preferences, and demographics. This allows for a more targeted marketing approach. So information about your products can reach those customers it needs to ideally reach.

The Jesse Grillo marketing agency leverages data mining and demo research for online marketing. Aside from that, Jesse Grillo Marketing engages in affiliate and multi-level marketing strategies. These are cost-effective marketing channels by which CBD businesses can spread knowledge and information about their products. Social media presence is also essential. Which is why Jesse Grillo focuses on marketing through social mediums which allows CBD advertisements.

SEO analysis of websites is also an essential component of any modern CBD marketing strategy. There are still many legal and strategic aspects to address to get around in marketing in the cannabis industry. Making sure that customer searches appear effectively in front of the eyes of consumers is essential for any rising CBD business. This is complicated as some of the biggest search engines do not allow ads for CBD products at this time. Jesse Grillo wants to make sure that your investment gets you the returns you are seeking. Jesse Grillo has already partnered with multiple CBD businesses including WeedMaps and CWCB Expo.