Guide for Seniors Using CBD

cbd vape pen

cbd nose sprayWhether it is consumed via a CBD vape pen, edibles, drinkables, CBD nose spray or in the form of a topical product. Using CBD provides incredible benefits for seniors.

The acronym CBD stands for Cannabidiol. This compound is one of the 60 cannabinoids that can be found in the Cannabis plant. Similar to other types of Cannabinoids, CBD interacts with receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies reveal that your body’s ECS is the mechanism behind the plethora of effects of the cannabis plant. It is as a result of this system, that THC is able to bring about euphoric and mind-altering effects on the brain of the user.

Using CBD

If you are concerned about the impact of psychoactive or mind-altering compounds, CBD will give you no troubles. The use of CBD does not result in a psychoactive experience, unlike THC. This means you can continue to enjoy the incredible benefits of the Cannabis plant without getting high. The benefits you stand to enjoy from CBD are based on your particular conditions. The versatility of CBD makes it a wonderful solution for seniors.

Health Benefits of CBD
There are a number of health benefits that can be enjoyed by consuming CBD via a CBD vape pen, CBD nasal spray, edibles or in the many other forms. In this article, we will explore a few of these benefits.

CBD Helps with Pain Management
CBD is helpful in relieving pain. This makes it perfect for seniors because seniors typically face a lot of pain and inflammation. It has been reported that almost half of the seniors in the United States of America suffer from Arthritis. In addition to this, reports show that as many as 85% of seniors in America are suffering daily from chronic pain. Unfortunately, these issues are very common for seniors. With the help of CBD, this does not have to be the reality and experience of senior citizens.

Researchers have publicized research findings that suggest that CBD is helpful in reducing inflammation and bringing relief to pain from certain conditions. These conditions include Arthritis, Joint Pain and Multiple Sclerosis. Experts have discovered that CBD brings this benefit by influencing various receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD provides these pain-alleviating effects for seniors without the common side effects present in traditional types of treatment.

CBD Improves Bone Health
When people grow older, unfortunately, they face Osteoporosis This is where your bones begin to experience a reduction of vital minerals. When these are lost, the bones become brittle and very fragile. This makes your bones more susceptible to breaking. This is why it is so dangerous for a senior citizen to fall. Sad to say, but falls is the highest-ranking cause of men over the age of 60.

It has also been reported that a third of women and a quarter of males over the age of 50 are experiencing osteoporotic fractures. This makes it pretty clear that bone health is a serious matter for the aged. Consuming CBD does not only minimize inflammation in the body and contribute to cell repair. As a matter of fact, CBD also assists in fortifying the bones and promotes the healing of a fracture.

cbd vape penCBD can improve heart health
The American College of Cardiology reports that heart disease the most prominent condition amongst older adults. It is also the top cause of death for every age group. Recent research shows that CBD may be a powerful and natural treatment for individuals with high blood pressure. There was a study done in 2017 with a sample of 10 men. These men were treated with 600 mg of CBD.

During the test, it was found that CBD reduced their resting blood pressure. The study also showed that after the participants had CBD, their response to stress was much better. The high levels of antioxidant properties in CBD may also assist with the reduction of cardiac inflammation. Cells also benefit from protection from oxidation.

How to use CBD Safely as a Senior
Be sure to seek your doctors’ approval before using CBD. After receiving your doctor’s approval, proceed to research the band that you intend to use. Ensure that the brand is of a good reputation. Try to get some insight into whether their products are tested and regulated.

How to use CBD for seniors
There are a number of options for seniors who are interested in accessing the health benefits of CBD. Among the modes of consumption, oral tinctures, CBD vape pens and edibles are the most popular for seniors. Bear in mind that different modes of consuming CBD will produce different effects on the body.

Oral Tinctures
In this form, CBD is mixed with some food-grade oil such as coconut oil.

cbd vape penCBD Isolate
You may find CBD isolates in a clear or light golden form. This is dependent on the carrier oil that is utilized. This product contains CBD that has been removed and isolated. It is then mixed with an appropriate carrier oil.

This refers to food products that have been infused with CBD. These include cookies, muffins, gummies and syrups. Keep in mind that Edibles take a little longer to get into the body because it has to depend on the efficiency and processes of the digestive system.

These include lotions, creams and balms that have been infused with CBD and applied to the skin of the user. These are helpful for surface-level issues including arthritis and migraine.

CBD Nose Spray
A CBD nose spray is a product that contains pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate that has been converted into small particle water-soluble for and used as a nasal mist. Consuming CBD in this fashion results in the CBD being absorbed much faster in the body.